Day 4: God is Enough

Dear Friend, 

Things haven’t always worked out well in your life. Sometimes it has been due to difficult circumstances, sometimes it’s been due to your own bad judgements and mistakes.

Your first response to difficult circumstances is to toughen up, adopt the brace position and believe that you can make it through if you just grit your teeth and get your head down. That lasts for a while, but you are not super human. You have a breaking point. And on a few occasions you’ve reached it. It’s not been a good place to be. 


But then, when you are at the end of yourself you remember God.

You remember your faith and God’s faithfulness and the promises in the bible and you turn to God and say;

Now what ? You need to show up. You need to be everything because I feel like I’ve got nothing.’ 


And it has been your experience every time that God is enough. 

I’m going to tell you that again, because even though I’m writing you 31 letters of things to build your life on, this is the most important. 

God is enough. God has been, and is and will be. 

If you doubt that read back on your journals. Read the details of your life and the way that God changed circumstances and people and yourself. 

Look in your jewellery box, where you will find the Hope pendant that arrived in the post from a stranger on the other side of the world, just an hour after you had asked for a tangible expression of love from God. 


Don’t be tempted to write these things off as coincidence or wishful thinking.

You know the truth of the experiences you have lived through. You know the reality of the love of God. 

You know that when you felt you had nothing – God was enough. 

So in the future, try to remember that at the start of the difficulties.

Don’t waste your energy trying to push through by yourself.

Tell God you have nothing. Tell Him He needs to be everything.

Step aside. 

And then wait. 

until tomorrow


(this post is part of my #write31days series of Letters to My Future Self. To read about why I’m doing this and the other posts in the series click here !  Today’s post is linked with Lisha Epperson and the Give me Grace community – who I love)



  1. Great truth here. Why do we forget and try to push through in our own strength? I often do that and then remember that I need to go to God and then not worry because “God is enough!” Thanks, Shona, for this reminder.


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