Don’t ignore the feelings

Dear Friend, 

You know sometimes you embark on a course of action, which you are fairly sure is the right thing to do, but at some point you become aware of a feeling of unease. Something’s not quite right about things. You know that you could keep going, it’s not that you don’t have the capability to see it through, or that it’s wrong in and of itself. 

Please listen to those feelings. You have pretty good internal warning systems, but for years you ignored them and didn’t place much value on them. That was an error. 

For your own sake, listen to yourself. You may not always be able to rationalise the feelings, but life isn’t all about being rational. Your life certainly isn’t. Usually your instincts are good, so don’t ignore them. 

Which brings me to the writing of these letters! When you first had the idea it came almost fully formed and as is your usual habit, you leapt straight into writing them. As the timing coincided with the annual write31days challenge you decided to write a letter each day for October. 

But you don’t need a writing challenge of this sort. You don’t need a deadline or a strict schedule. You’ve been feeling that sense of unease over the past week, and yesterday you allowed it to be felt and then you figured out what it was about. At this moment there are other things in your life which are more important that blogging, certainly more important than daily blogging. And they need time and therefore these letters need to be written at a slower pace. 

So you’ve decided to stop writing a letter each day. Instead you’ll write them as you have time. 

Well done for listening. Well done for not feeling like that choice makes you a quitter, because it doesn’t.  

No one else is living your life in your body, and you are the only person who can listen to your instincts so please continue to do so. If you aren’t feeling at ease then get quiet enough to find out why your peace has gone. And then do what you need to do to get back where you should be. 

until the next letter, 




  1. Thank you, Shona. Your letter to yourself about easing up on the 31 days, not allowing yourself to feel pressured, has been a genuine help to me because I’ve been beating myself up about it.


  2. Good for you Shona for listening to yourself; for listening to the nudges of God as you figured out what was needed for YOU in this time! Take it slow and easy and write your letters as you feel the truths that you want to share with yourself. I loved this letter giving you that opening to follow your instincts.

    Thank you for sharing; I hope to go back and read your other letters, and to look out for more as you feel them ready to share! Take care of yourself and listen to YOU and to GOD!


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