Friendship – It’s kind of like a superpower : Day 13


Dear Friend,


In your life some people love you because they are your family, and when you are fortunate, as you are, that’s what families do. Yes, there is an element of choice, but a lot of the love is there because of genetics and bonds.


Your friends have made a choice. Nobody owes you friendship. Nobody has to be your friend.


Which is why friendship is a force to be reckoned with.

There is power in the realization, the knowledge, the acceptance that someone chooses you.

They have chosen to share life with you. They have chosen to let you hold their dreams and their heart. They have chosen to cry and laugh and be silly with you . They have chosen you as a listening ear and a resonating soul. They have chosen you to share the care of their children and the encouragement of their families and their marriages. They have chosen you to be there when they mark the significant days. They have chosen you to be part of their lives.


Today you watched as your daughter lavished friendship on her best friend on her birthday. The hours she put into making cakes and art and cards and gifts. The richness of their bond as they stood on the doorstep together; one excited by the giving, the other by the receiving. The warmth as your whole family were invited in to a home at a time of day when people never show up at each other’s houses.


That is friendship. It warms and inspires; enriches and cushions; loves and encourages; gives and receives.


Friendship draws us out to be the people we were intended to be.


I know that when life is hard you have a tendency to withdraw from people. Not because you think you can make it on your own, but because you feel they may grow weary of you.


Your friends don’t deserve that, nor is it true. They have chosen you. You have chosen them. It’s like a superpower. Don’t forget that you have it.


You will never spend time with your friends and wish that you hadn’t. You will never come away from friends with anything less than a satisfied soul. You are a gift to each other. A gift beyond price.


You are rich beyond measure because of the friends who have chosen you, and who have allowed you to choose them.


Love them well. And know that you are a very fortunate woman.


Until the next letter




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