Wait {for #Wholemama}


Is God enough? Can he be?


A couple of years ago I took part in a Lent course. As part of that course we had a workshop on creating found and blackout poetry from the bible facilitated by Jamie Bonilla.

I was going through a very difficult time and knowing that poetry does things to me emotionally I was reluctant to try Jamie’s suggestion that we use our own poetry as a channel to let the Holy Spirit speak to us through scripture. I was frightened of what words I might find. I was scared about how they might break me apart.

Eventually I did the exercise she suggested, on a weekend away with a friend, and I don’t think it’s over stating it to say that the words I found possibly changed the course of my life….

Is God enough ? 

Can he be ? 


For the rest of this post click here to jump over to Erika Shirk’s site where I am honoured to be a guest writer on this week’s #wholemama theme of ‘Wait’. 



One Comment

  1. Thanks again for honesty and reality. We live in a fast…world so waiting is becoming increasingly alien to our thinking.
    God does slow us down for good reasons.


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