Hi, I’m Shona

I’m a researcher, mum, wife, dog owner, bike rider, writer, food lover, wanderer. I spin plates, juggle balls and eat fire regularly as I manage the circus we call family.

I’m constantly excited by the possibilities of life and people.

Words, beautiful things, food and the sea are my favourite things.

I still hope that one day I will fulfil my dream of being a  beach bum and becoming an excellent surfer.

I’ve been married for almost two decades, but I don’t feel old enough for that to be true. Time is a funny thing. I have 3 children –  two in their teens, and a younger one. I’m originally from Belfast but I’ve lived in England for all of my adult life. I never thought I’d be where I am doing what I do.

I will write about my faith The real, messy, complicated yet utterly simple faith I have in the person of Jesus.

I will write about family life

I will write about food

Because that is mostly what matters in my life …

I’ll write for me, and maybe you’ll find that what I write is for you too.

I hope so.

Thanks so much for coming by.

(p.s. All photos on the blog are my own, but full artistic credit to photographer and friend, Jennifer Upton, for the beautiful, custom made magnets featured in the header image.)