Letters to my Future Self – #Write31Days 2015


This year I am taking part in #write31Days – when writers all over the world write a series of blog posts for each day in October. 

I was asked a few days ago to think about the word ‘legacy’.

It’s not really a word I’ve thought about but immediately my mind went to the things I’d like to pass on to my children. Values, knowledge, the ability to bake a good cake and ride a bike.


But then I thought about my legacy to myself.

If I live to somewhere in my eighties I have lived half of my life already. I don’t always like thinking about my age, because I am definitely older than I feel or think I am, but actually I’ve lived a rich life already. I’ve experienced so much. I’ve learned huge amounts about myself and other people and the world.

It occurred to me that I should actually acknowledge and appreciate all the living I’ve done – the living of the hard and the fun, the good and the devastating – and take from it principles and values that I can use as the foundations and the guidebook for the second half of my life.


To that end I am going to write my future self a letter each day of October, sharing something I’ve realised or discovered or experienced that I want future Shona to take note of.

The letters will cover the important things, like hair dye, skate boarding, God, ageing and everything in between.

I hope you’ll join with me on this venture, and share with me the life letters you’d write to future you. I will post the links on this page, so that you can find all of them easily.  Looking forward to a great month of writing and conversations.

Day 1: Am I too old for this ? 

Day 2: Just keep celebrating 

Day 3: It’s all about the socks 

Day 4: God is Enough 

Day 5: There’s always room for one more 

Day 6: Ambulances and American cars 

Day 7: Quiet

Day 8: Don’t ignore the feelings 

Day 9: Cracks appear 

Day 10: You don’t make the grade

Day 11: Hair dye is your friend 

Day 12: With great love 

Day 13: Friendship – it’s kind of like a superpower

Day 14 : Be Curious 

Day 15 : Talk to Strangers

Day 16: Swearing is never the answer 



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